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Low Paid EU Migrant Workers, the House, the Street, the Town.

By Catherine Barnard, Fiona Costello and Sarah Fraser Butlin.

Out today! A new book exploring the experiences of migrant workers in the UK. GYROS has been working with the authors and sharing our research data and experiences to help build a picture of what's happening at grass roots level.

This book offers an in-depth exploration of the lives of EU migrant workers in the UK following Brexit and COVID-19.

Drawing on a longitudinal study, the book delves into the legal problems migrant workers face and sheds much-needed light on the hidden interactions between the law and communities around issues such as employment, housing, welfare and health.

Through personal narratives and insights gathered from interviews, it reveals how (clustered) legal problems arise, are resolved and often bypass formal legal resolution pathways.

This is an invaluable resource that provides a rich picture of everyday life for migrant workers in the UK and highlights the vital role of NGOs working to support them.

Buy the book here.



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