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  • GYROS East Anglia

GYROS speaks at Sixth Info & Data Hub event.

We're delighted to be talking at this event today, discussing the current issues that people and organisations in the immigration system are facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Armine Nikoghosyan - GYROS Head of Immigrations Services.

Sixth Info & Data Hub Meeting Agenda

  • Introduction – Stephen Hale, CEO Refugee Action

  • Bulletin 6 key issues identified – Rivka Micklethwaite, MigrationWork

  • Scottish Refugee Council Research – Gary Christie, Scottish Refugee Council

  • East of England Focus – Louise Humphries & Armine Nikogohsyan, GYROS

  • Housing evictions update – Jessie Seal, NACCOM

  • GPP practice development – Lora Evans, Refugee Action

  • RAP update – Dylan Fotoohi, Migration Exchange

  • Thanks & closing – Stephen Hale, Refugee Action



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